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Women Build Wealth Globally

Our mission and passion is to show women how to not only make a living but, how to live a life! Our initiative is to promote financial independence for women globally. To uplift, empower, and enhance the quality of life for women, through economic, intellectual, and spiritual development.

Our organization is built on 3 core principles Vision, Integrity, Success.
We are a sisterhood of independent and aspiring to be independent women entrepreneurs

Our vision is to impact lives and create networks and organizations of successful women entrepreneurs. To see women transform their lives, and turn their dreams into reality.

WBWG’s Focus is Women Empowerment


Social Empowerment

Social Empowerment refers to the enabling force that strengthens women’s social relations and their position in social structures. Social empowerment addresses the social discriminations existing in the society based on disability, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Educational Empowerment

“Traditional concepts recognize higher education as an instrument of personal development. It helps in growing an individual’ s intellectual horizons, wellbeing and potential for empowerment”

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is the crying need of this hour. “Wage employment means economic power”. Through employment women earn money and it enables women and girls to become ‘bread earners’, contributing members of households with a strong sense of their own economic independence.

Political Empowerment

Participation of women in the political field and in various decision-making bodies is an important tool for empowerment. The participation of women at all levels of governance structures is the highest need of this hour for women’s actual empowerment.

Psychological Empowerment

Through psychological empowerment women not only transgress the traditional and patriarchal taboos and social obligations, they also transform their selves and subjectivities.

About Denise Banks

Founder, Women building Wealth Globally

Denise is a published author, Amazon bestseller Gladiator In A Skirt, Former board member for North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce and Board Chair of Women in Position Committee. Currently the Board Chair with Empowering Her Tomorrow Inc a non-profit organization for young girls.
Denise was named National Council of Negro Women SDDS Chapter 2015 recipient of the Economic Empowerment Award