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Our executive team’s exceptional leadership and visionary approach consistently drive our organization toward unprecedented success.

Denise Banks

Real Estate Agent

WBWG – Founder & President Women Building Wealth Globally

Public Relations, Marketing, Membership/Recruiting

Denise is a published author, Amazon best seller Gladiator In A Skirt Former board member for North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce and Board Chair of Women in Position Committee. Currently the Board Chair with Empowering Her Tomorrow Inc a non -profit organization for young girls Denise was named National Council of Negro Women SDDS Chapter 2015 recipient of the, “Economic Empowerment Award”.

Denise is an accomplished Speaker and Emcee, Certified Empowerment and Peak Performance Coach. She is also a Certified Fire Walk Instructor with the Fire Walking Institute of Research and Education. Denise’s certifications in arrow breaking, board breaks, glass walk, and fire walks, coupled with her energetic and unique style of training are her keys to helping people eliminate negative and limiting beliefs. Denise has been on the show Meet The Mann’s episode Face your fears where she help coached the family in firewalking

Denise provides workshops for leadership and team building focused on limiting beliefs, Attain any goal, and Mindset. Denise signature program is The Gladiator in A Skirt Empowerment Network which includes monthly meetups, workshops, monthly elevator pitch competitions and quarterly conferences to educate, equip and empower women for leadership, professional and personal development growth.

Denise signature Speaking topics and keynotes are Networking like a pro, Gladiator in a skirt, Growth Mindset, Leverage, Ignite Your Passion and Faith, Love, and Business workshop for couples

Denise is managing partner and CEO at Banks Professional Development and Coaching, a firm which provides professional development training, customer service, leadership, networking skills, business relationships training and workshops for corporate, professionals and organizations. Denise has trained INC 500 companies leadership teams in 5 states. The firm also offers a personal networking concierge services connecting clients with their ideal networking opportunities, with additional services like networking on behalf of clients

Denise is Co-founder with Multi- Millionaire Charles Horton with a new startup The Boardroom EDGE. which offers opportunities to network at multiple chapter locations with opportunities for entrepreneurs to pitch their business to a panel of investors much like a Shark Tank setting.


Lola Carey

Real Estate Agent

WBWG – Vice President

MC/Membership/Committee Chair oversees all committee heads

Lola is a devoted and trusted Realtor that has been in the field since 2002. Who is committed to connecting future home buyers and sellers with their aspirations. Her success in the residential property market is drawn from her 18 years of experience in real estate. She leverages on this expertise and her deeply connected networks to provide trusted real estate advice for home buyers and sellers.

Fueled by her passion for providing innovative real estate solutions, Lola abides by the guiding principle that her clients come first. Consequently, she embraces the core values of integrity, commitment, and efficient client service to match you to a perfect home that meets your individual needs and lifestyles. Whether you are a home buyer, seller, or an investor, Lola uses her keen negotiation skills to fulfill your real estate needs. She remains reliable and consistent when guiding you through the entire process of meeting your goals and takes pride in building lasting loyal relationships.

Client satisfaction is Lola’s utmost priority. She understands that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime and therefore gives it the attention and dedication it deserves. Lola commits to offering exemplary and personalized service, keeping you informed throughout the process and alleviating the stress involved, even making it a rewarding journey for you. Her knowledge of the property market is unmatched; she always strives to remain on top of current market trends, enabling her to provide her clients with up to date market information. Her prompt delivery, impeccable quality and integrity reflect her dedication to providing value for her clients, helping them achieve their real estate goals.



Kimberly Linzy – Davis

Voice Professional
Voice Marketing Specialist

WBWG – MC/Host/Hospitality Chair

As a child I rarely spoke to anyone outside of my home now My Voice is my Superpower.

I am a disabled Navy Veteran; I am blessed to have a career I love that transcends any physical limitations. I understand the
importance of audio branding for business and marketing with voice is Brand storytelling. The stories you tell
your audience help them humanize your company, connect with your brand, and develop a deeper relationship with your products and services.

Learning to us my voice created space for my passion, which lead me to voice acting, coaching & public speaking. I use my voice to create positive uplifting projects that communicate, educate, inspire, and entertain, whether it eLearning, medical narration, IVR, podcasting, or radio commercials. I put my heart into adding character to written content, Voice isn’t just a thing!
Voice Is Everything….